Vegas PUG Meeting Info

November 4, 2010

Hey everyone!

This is no longer the Vegas PUG’s homepage. For all the latest and to connect with other members, please visit the PUG’s Group page on Facebook by clicking here. Be sure to add yourself as a member so that you get all the updates on upcoming events! You can also check the current schedule and RSVP for the meetings by clicking the “Events” tab at the top.

About the PUG: Pictage User Groups (PUGs) are local groups of professional photographers helping other professional photographers. Whether you want to learn about how to grow your business in this market or help others get become successful, we suggest you give it a try. Our community is constantly growing and is open to all, the more the merrier! Join us on a monthly basis where we discuss the latest photography and business topics, host guest speakers, and just have fun.

Hope to see you soon!